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Why should I care about Cyber Security in my home?

I have heard this question time and time again. Why should I care about Cyber Security in my home? It's a sad reality. Cyber Security is something that many consumers feel that they just don't need. They rationalize it with statements like: "Who's gonna hack me? I'm no one. Hackers don't want what I have. I don’t have anything that hackers want or I am a small fish." I could go on but you get the point. People don't see the importance of Cyber Security until they are the victim. Then and only then do they realize the importance of creating a secure digital environment. If you’re one of those skeptical individuals of cybersecurity and the benefits that it offers, here are a few undeniable reasons why you should care.

There are More Devices Connected to the Internet - The average U.S. household has about 12 internet-connected devices. This collection of devices, known as the internet of things (IoT), creates new attack platforms for cybercriminals. Basically, if a device is connected to the internet, a hacker can potentially access it. And because that device is connected in your home, a hacker may be able to access other devices within your home.

Cyber Crime Is Increasing - Some really smart guys from the Department of Consumer affairs ran a study and found that 63% of all internet users have encountered some form of cyber threat. From Phishing scams to Crypto Mining, Credentials theft to that Awesome 50% off Macy's today only email. What did you think was real?

The point is Cyber Threat is real and can affect you. About 15% of people whose accounts were stolen experience identity fraud. This type of fraud can cost you. On average a person who’s had there Identity stolen can lose about $1,343. The money is not the only thing. Identity theft can impact your credit scores.

But wait there’s more - Think about how you would feel if someone stole your information. That feeling of being violated. The Anger. Not to mention the amount of sleep that your gonna loose worrying about it. It's a lot.

Not all hope is not lost. You can protect yourself and your data from cybercrime by using the right tools. If you are not doing so already look to start using a VPN service to help to protect your data while online. so that hackers can’t see what you are doing. Any data that you send or receive is encrypted, and only the website that you are connected can see your activity. Go only to websites that you know are trustworthy. Look for the Secure lock in the corner of the site. If the site looks sketch close your browser right away. Also if you get an email and it seems too good to be true. Chances are that its a fake. Delete it.

If all this seems like a lot and you don't know where to start give us a call at Abitronix, powered by Intelligent Automation. We are here to help. Visit us online at, send us an email at or simply call us at 973-584-7550.

You’re not alone in this fight. Let Abitronix, powered by Intelligent Automation help you.

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